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It's an application which allows you to play all your media files
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Moovida Media Center 2 is a media player/manager in the line of Windows Media Center. Whether you want to listen to audio, to watch a video, locally stored movies, or online material, this application will help you do all that. Podcasts can also be played using Moovida’s media center, and you may as well listen to online radio channels, like and others.

Moovida will let you fill your media library with audio tracks from your collection. It will automatically fill in the album art and other information for you directly from the Internet. In fact, you can feed your library with almost any multimedia content - video clips and podcast subscriptions, as well as movies and TV episodes, which can be easily integrated into the library and organized. You can use bookmarks, favorites, scores, etc., as some of the ways to organize your content. Playlists is another useful feature, which you can then shuffle and organize based on the artist, the album, its rating and score, etc.

This is a handy application with a comprehensive set of features, neatly organized in the menus available. However, the extensive choice of options available for each tool can be a little confusing at times. You will need some time to get familiar with the interface. As a side note, there is a blank white space – bottom left - that looks a little jarring in the interface’s black and yellow color scheme.

Debasis Das
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  • Helps you to create your own media library
  • You can play videos in the browser window
  • Podcasts and radio channels are supported


  • The unused white space in the bottom-left part of the interface is little disconcerting
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